Saturday, May 17, 2008

Papa, Gigi, and Aunt Lauren

Blake's dad(David), mom(Gayla), and sister(Lauren) came into town last night for a visit! This morning we went to the zoo with Papa, Gigi, and Aunt Lauren. Then later that afternoon the women visited the mall while the men watched sports and Will napped. Tonight Blake's sweet parents took us out to dinner at one of Blake's favorite restraunts: Outback! Will adored the opportunity to entertain some new people with his doggy and lion sounds! :)

Thank's for coming to visit us!

Little did Will know that the lions would have been happy to eat him had Gigi let him crawl over the fence!
Blake and his sister Lauren
Gigi and Will
Aunt Lauren and Will
Papa, Will, and Gigi
Blake, Lauren, Will, David, and Gayla

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