Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Huge Praise!!!

I have been the mother of a newborn long enough to know that one good night does not mean a thing towards our attempts at getting her on a schedule... But thank you Jesus! Last night was a good night and Blake and I needed it. Riley has been quite the little pill this week when it comes to her sleep patterns. Blake and I have been so exhausted we have been sick(as I am sure most new parents are!) as she has woken up on average every hour and a half, if she actually makes it into her bed. She has been in our bed some and being held in the family room ALOT!

Last night Blake and I headed to bed around 10.15 only to get ready and have Riley wake up... And boy was she awake! So we pulled out the laptop and lay in bed watching a movie till about 12.15 when she finally went to sleep. Other then waking up to eat at 3 and 6 she slept in her bed!!!

Our son also gave us a gift. Will normally rises by 7.30, so when Blake and I awoke on our own at 9 and realized both children were still sleeping, he ran to Will's room and I ran to the cradle. Both children were alive! And we had gotten at least twice as much sleep as we had been averaging... 7 hours!

1 comment:

Florida Poppop said...

HURRAY! ! ! ! ! !
It is a BIG - PTL - when the little ones sleep that long.

Love Y'all,

Grams and Gramps

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