Friday, August 1, 2008

Peace and Quiet

Quiet... No, I am serious. It is actually quiet in our little 2 bedroom condo that houses myself, my husband, our 18 month old son, our 22 day old daughter, and our dog. As of this morning, I did not believe that it was possible for it to ever be quiet in our home again... Perhaps that is a little dramatic. I am sitting alone on our big comfy couch while everyone else is napping and thinking about how completely blessed I am... It's a loud home, but I love every single person that makes it that way. In fact, I am already missing them and hoping they all wake up soon...

1 comment:

Florida Poppop said...

Dear Lid,
Oh we love these daily updates and we are glad it was quiet so you could write the update. We love you all. Can't wait to hug everybody, even the dog.

Grams and Gramps

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