Saturday, August 9, 2008

An Update

Blake is back in swing at work and actually getting in on time! He was kind and would go in an hour late several times a week in order for me to get a little sleep. School starts back next week and we are actually excited! This is the last of his PhD classes! On to the writing after this semester!

Lydia is not having a panic attack when Blake leaves the house every morning! :) On Monday, I ended up in the doctor's office since my stitches were still pretty painful... I was sent home with an antibiotic and told they were infected. Oh joy! 5 full days later they are still irritated and I am still in pain. Still sitting on the waffle pillow by the end of the day. :) To top it off, I woke up with a wonderful full blow cold on Tuesday and have yet to be able to get rid of it.

Will is really doing beautifully! We are so blessed because he is actually teething right now and for the first time he is not a complete and total grump! He has actually been quite a joy to be around... We were told that his speech would probably be delayed because of the language change at 7 months, but we are now beginning to hear some words! Mama and Dada have been coming for some time, but his vocabularly is picking up and words like "car", "cracker", and "golf" have been learned! I was really beginning to silently struggle with his silence and only days later he says "golf" when playing with his plastic golf clubs. God is so faithful!

Riley seems to finally be adjusting to life in our world. Sleep is still haphazard as far as nights go, but it feels good to actually be able to sooth her or predict when she will be ready for a nap! I am feeling more like her mommy then her slave. :) Monday was a stressful day for Riley as well... I went to the doctor and she changed formula. She seemed to really be struggling on regular formula and had worn her little bottom out so badly I was the only one who would change her diaper because her diaper rash was so horrendous! They placed her on a milk-protein free, partially broken down formula and after 2 days on that she was a much happier baby! Her one month visit is this week and we are hoping to possibly attempt a normal lactose free formula after that visit... First, in hopes that this is not an ongoing problem and is working itself out and secondly because it is a huge expense! To see her be content to lay on her back or sit in her swing for a bit is totally worth it though!

I was watching Larry King Live this week with my mother... He had Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife and 3 eldest children on the show to discuss the death of their daughter/sister Maria. I was blown away by the grace that they showed and the way in which they could discuss such a horrible, life altering trajedy and still be thinking about sharing the gospel! It also brought about such an overwhelming sense of thankfulness and guilt... Guilt that my life is really everything I ever dreamed it could be and yet I still complain so much. Thankfulness that my life has been pretty trajedy free. You watch these sort of interviews and wonder what you would do if that were you sitting there speaking about what they were speaking about... Praise God for people like the Chapmans to be testimony to the fact that God does provide healing...

Life is settling down... We are still a little sleep deprived. Still have tears at times(though many less on my end!). Still a few moments of panic. But as I type this both of my children and my husband are in their beds... What more could I ask for then that?

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