Thursday, September 25, 2008


David and Gayla(Blake's parents) were kind enough to watch our 2 children this evening and send Blake and I on a date! It has been a while since Blake and I have done anything alone so it was a much enjoyed evening... We had dinner at THE FIREFLY.

THE FIREFLY is a unique restraunt. It is situated on a lake and is rated the 2nd best eco friendly restraunt in the country by the St Louis newspaper. The building is gorgeous - built out of reclaimed wood! My seared sea scallops were so yummy!
With babysitters on hand before we even left, Blake and I had time to dress up a little so we decided to take a few pictures before we left. The picture of the 2 of us is one of the first pictures of just us that we have taken in probably close to a year! But even after we realized that we couldn't resist taking a few with Will and Riley. They are just too adorable not to share!

After dinner Blake and I visited the sight where we became engaged! My all-time favorite scene in a movie is where this guy is unable to speak to the woman he loves so he knocks on her door and has this grouping of posterboards that he slowly shows her with what he wants to say written on them. It is Christmas time so he brought a cd player and has Silent Night playing as he slowly flips the poster... I know it is hard to picture, but the scene is just incredibly romantic and I watch it over and over! Well, even though it was just October, Blake had his brother drop off a cd player with Silent Night cued up and had watched the movie and copied the posterboards - Adding a few additional ones on to the end. "Will you be my wife?" was the final posterboard... It was a special ending to a special evening.

Thanks so much David/Papa and Gayla/GiGi!

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Marsha said...

Your family is beautiful!!!

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