Monday, January 5, 2009

Baby Food Update!

I have continued to make Riley's food and so far it has been a big success! I have given up on the green veggies for a while - peas and green beans. Riley would be in tears after a few bites so I decided to lay them to rest for a little while. :) I have introduced her to apples, pears, carrots, and butternut squash. All have been a hit! The entire process is so much more simple then I expected. I peel the fruit or veggies, cook them appropriately, and then puree them in my new 11 cup cuisinart food processor! (Ladies - This is one amazing machine!)I think that anyone that knows me has been surprised by my baby making food skills! Or at least my desire to make it... If you only knew my baby girl the way I do... You would be willing to do anything for her too!

*Another bit of good news - Riley has stretched to 4 hours between bottles!*


Grace, Hope and Joy said...

Way to go! I made most of Maddie's baby food and it really wasn't that difficult. I applaud your ability to find the time to do it with two little one's in the house. Each of my kids got less and less of the homemade stuff. Poor Emma mainly ate straight from a jar. ;)

Marsha said...

Good for you!!! Loved the Christmas pictures too!

Marsha said...

As to your bathing suit question, I got the suits at Target (just looked for ones that were plain) and had them monogrammed. It is much cheaper and just as cute than to have them special ordered!!!

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