Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MacGyver's Entrance

Remember the show McGyver? He could turn ordinary things like a piece of gum and a toothpick into a gun! :) He was always making an entrance when you thought that he had made his last... I am hoping that baby David MacGyver(Mac) Panisiak makes a less exciting entrance then his namesake! :) My good friend Anna Panisiak is expecting that sweet baby boy in less then a month and on Sunday Mom and I had the priviledge to helping throw the 2 a shower! Our families became close in Florida about 12 years ago and have been blessed to live close to the Williams ever since! As exciting as I find McGyvers entrances on the reruns :) I am so much more thrilled about Mac's entrance... Lets just hope for a little bit for boring one!
A Star Wars Themed nursery inspired the cake
Ruth Ann Williams(Anna's mom) and Mom
Such Wonderful Friends

Ruth Ann, Anna, Mom, and Me

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