Friday, March 27, 2009

Baby Update...

I feel like I should be more specific because I already have a baby right now... 2 actually! This is an update on Ring Baby #3! 3 under 3 before the end of October! :) What a joy our children are to us!
I visited the doctor 2 weeks ago and she laughed when she walked into the office. I had been in a few weeks before to discuss when to begin trying for baby #3 and she strongly encouraged I wait another year or 2! :) Needless to say God knew what he was doing and the baby whose future we were discussing was already living in me. She conducted a brief ultrasound to determine how far along I was(wk 8 at that point) and what my due date would be. The due date for baby #3 is: October 24!
Our hectic household is bursting with excitement over our newest addition! I will be 10 weeks tomorrow. I was excited when I reached what I thought was the end of week 8(day of my dr appt) and I had yet to be overwhelmingly sick - I was deeply dissapointed when my dr took the measurements of the baby and told me I was only about to go into week 8! I woke up sick the very next morning. I was still sick at lunch. Still sick at dinner. Still sick when I went to bed... And I am still sick as I type this at 8:53 pm in week 10!
Please pray for our family. It is so hard when Mommy is so sick all of the time and affects the attitudes of the entire house. I have also developed severe anemia and am feeling that on top of the "morning" sickness. Please join us in praying for the health of our baby. I have been reading the blogs of many mommies this week and the Lord has reminded me how blessed I am to already have 2 children who are so healthy... The Lord has really burdened my heart and I don't desire to take the health of #3 for granted. A healthy baby is a gift from God... And an unhealthy baby is a gift from God! Both just as precious.

Week 10

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Jaime said...

praying for you lydia! i appreciate you saying that a baby (even if not "healthy") is a gift from God! some of the greatest blessings in my life have come out of sorrow...God redeems them for his glory!!! hoping your baby is thriving & you feel better soon!

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