Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Staging a House...

Well, with the upcoming arrival of our third child, the Ring family has officially outgrown our condo! Blake and I bought our first home in May of 2006 and have since added a child a year... :) 2 bedrooms and 1000 sq ft is getting a little difficult to maneuver. So as of Thursday our home will be officially for sale!!!

My dad was in Ecuador last week and our family reaped the benefits - Mom spent basically allday/everyday helping me clean and stage the house! We packed away boxes and boxes of things and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned... I was sososo proud of the results(basically due to mom) and wanted to share them with you!

Children's Bedroom

We packed away the crib to open up the room and Riley is sleeping in the pack and play(with a mattress in it!). Guest Bathroom
Master Bedroom


Family Room

Dining Room


Grace, Hope and Joy said...

It looks beautiful! I love all your furniture too.

We don't need to sell our house but can I hire you all to come and "stage" my house?? =)

The Murphys said...

I'd buy it! Looks great!

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