Tuesday, April 14, 2009

9 Months Old

Riley turned 9 months old on Monday(April 13)! How quickly time goes... Today was her well visit where she measured and weighed in at 75% in both areas. Doctor said that everything is looking beautifully despite another UTI this past month. :(

Our precious daughter is crawling like a pro and getting quicker by the day! (I think it is that brother who basically runs everywhere he goes!) She has mastered the art of pulling herself up and is even beginning to tentatively walk against the furniture! Riley is still working her way through all the foods the world has to offer and we have really found no food to be a favorite. Certainly depends on the day! Riley has 2 wonderfully sharp teeth on the bottom and we are anxiously awaiting the 2 the pediatrician continues to tell us are coming in up top! Until they arrive we will continue the oragel and tylenol and less sleep at night! :) We continue her nightly antibiotic dose to ward off a UTI, though I was discouraged when she was diagnosed with a severe one only 2 weeks ago. Will is still Riley's favorite person and he has recently begun to take advantage of his constant audience by playing with her and doing what he can to make her smile and laugh! Though he doesn't yet realize it, his life was so boring before Riley's arrival! :) What a chatter box Riley is - I know. Who would have ever guessed that Blake and I would have produced a child that talks alot(dripping with sarcacism)? Riley says mama, dada, go, hi... and a large array of syllables and words only she understands! How precious is her ever constant voice.

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Katharine Schramkowski said...

hey lydia! a friend recommended teething tablets for chloe and she loves them! they're at walgreens... in case you're interested.

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