Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Best Is Yet To Come...

On June 11, 2005 I married you... my best friend. Life has never been happier. Life has never been fuller. Life has never been richer. And as wonderful as these 4 years have been, I believe the best is yet to come! Thank you for loving me. For wanting me. For needing me. The greatest priviledge of my life is to walk beside you as your wife... I love you wildy. Passionately. Deeply. Forever.
I, Blake Ring, take you Lydia Grace Cook to be my wedded wife. With deepest joy I receive you into my life that together we may become one. As is Christ to His body the church, so I will be to you a loving and faithful husband. Always will I perform my headship over you even as Christ does over me, knowing that his Lordship is one of the holiest desires of my life. I promise you my deepest love. My fullest devotion. My tenderest care. I promise I will live first unto God, rather then others or even you. I promise that I will lead our lives into a life of faith and hope in Christ Jesus, ever honoring God's guidance through His spirit in the word. And so throughout life, no matter what lays ahead of us, I pleadge my life to you as a loving and faithful husband.
I, Lydia Grace Cook, take you Blake Ring to be my wedded husband. With deepest joy I come into my new life with you. As you have pledged to me your life and love, so I too, happily give you my life. And in confidence submit myself to your headship as to the Lord. As is the church in her relationship to Christ, so I will be to you. Blake, I will live first unto God and then unto you. God has prepared me for you and so I will ever strengthen, help, comfort, and encourage you. Therefore, throughout life, no matter what may be ahead of us I pledge myself to you as an obedient and faithful wife.

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