Monday, August 3, 2009

Baby Emery Update - 28 Weeks

28 weeks down - 11 more to go. Yes, I did my math correctly. :) I asked my check up last week if we could schedule and induction when we get closer to October 24th and my doctors response was "Sure"! She knocked one week off right away saying that 39 weeks was perfectly do-able. What an answer to prayers - I remember from Riley that inducing for "no reason" is not her favorite idea so I prayed all morning before my appointment... Her easy response told me that God has totally softened her heart and reminded her what a comfort it will be to me that she be the doctor caring for me during that time. The Lord has really blessed Emery and I with a wonderful doctor and she is taking tremendous care of both of us.

Life is getting a little bit more stressful and more difficult. I continue to have the same problems and have added an almost constant hormonal pregnancy headache to my list of symptoms. A few issues are requiring much more rest to control(though not structured rest time). Blake is sharing much more of the house cleaning and other wifely duties like grocery shopping, kids bath time... What a trooper! I go tomorrow morning for the 3 hour glucose test because I failed my first... I have absolutely no idea what that means. :) I am kind of looking forward to 3 hours of reading in a quiet room. My nurse also called the day after my appointment last week to inform me that I am severely anemic. I am taking iron supplements 2 times a day on top of my prenatal vitamin.

Our biggest prayer request is for Emery's health... She seems to be doing perfectly fine in the midst of all of this drama, though! Our second is that we can keep a schedule for the kids that doesn't cause too much stress on Will and Riley... Adding Emery to our family will be shock enough so we are attempting to keep life as normal and scheduled as we possibly can. Blake and I feel so blessed to be parents to these precious ones... the 2 sitting on either side of me as I type and they watch CARS for the thousandth time and the one that only I can feel.

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