Monday, October 12, 2009

a reminder

one of will's sunday school teachers emailed me this photo yesterday... i was amazed at the rush of emotions and thoughts that washed over me as i studied it.

1. my son is obviously going to be a LADIES MAN! :)
2. look at that head of gorgeous hair...
3. when did he become old enough to have friends?
4. i wish i knew what was going on in that brain on him.
5. i was so proud of the fact that he was proud of that picture they are working on.
6. i remember when almost everyone of the little faces in this photo was born - i remember when their mothers found out they were pregnant. i remember visiting many of them in the hospital. i remember their "first" sunday's at church... i wish i could tell my son the joy that surged through my body when i experiences all of these things - but what a different person i would be if i could. not necessarily a better person.

sarah groves is singing "he's always been faithful to me" right now... and i am thanking god for the teacher that took the time to email me this photo of my precious son... because i needed a reminder today of just how gracious god was when placing will's well-being in my hands.


Megan said...

Great picture....great post :)

Leah said...

Well, thanks for making me cry, Lydia. :)

Really, though. A precious picture and precious words.

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