Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2 Weeks + 1 Day

Emery is 15 days old today. As slow as the first week of her life passed(mainly because of our joint hospital stay), the second week has gone that quickly.
A few firsts...

1. Emery's first Sunday to church

2. Emery's first trip to the mall(there were several other mall trips in the same wk as anyone who knows me would expect)

3. Emery's first Saturday afternoon with Mimi and Papa(allowing Blake and I a date)

4. Emery's first visit to the pediatrician

5. Emery's first lunch out - Jason's Deli

6. Emery's first sporting event - Upward Soccer


The Petty's said...

so sweet and precious. Just remember to pace yourself.



The Yates' said...

She is gorgeous Lydia!

Grams & Pops Claridge said...

We love your blog. We check it many times a day since it is our home page and the next best thing to being in L'ville and seeing in person. We will no longer be homeless. We close this afternoon. We love y'all

Marsha said...

Just so sweet!!!

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