Saturday, February 20, 2010

it's hard work

We started potty training on Monday. Well, I started potty training Will - again. For probably the fifth time. :) I decided every time I began that I was going to give Will 2 days and if he hadn't begun to catch on we were going to put the potty away... This happened about 4 times. Potty training terrified me! I looked for any excuse I could find to put it off or quit. But finally, Emery was born, Riley is obeying(sort of), and Will turned 3.
On Monday I pulled out the pull-ups after nap time(took me that long to work myself up to that). He didn't really need them because he practically lived on his bjorn potty. No successes. On Tuesday the underwear went on under the pull ups and he practically lived on the potty. By lunch there were more accidents, then successes. After a good nap and some renewed strength on my part, we hit the ground running and more then doubled Will's successes by dinner! From the time he got up from his nap till bedtime there were no accidents! On Wednesday Will only had 2 accidents and on Thursday one(including a successful hour long trip to McDonalds).
On Friday there were no accidents! I was still asking him about going to the potty every 10-15 minutes, but he went more then half of the time on his own! We are over halfway through Saturday and he has a successful track record so far! We even made a trip to Target and McDonalds today! Mom and I both got a travel size of Will's potty and I carried that in a bag and took him to the restroom a few times.
Well, apparantly potty training is not that scary of a thing - As long as you have a brilliant son who is ready to quit using diapers! :) So proud of my precious son...

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