Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thank You Mom and Dad

This past weekend, my parents came down from Illinois to celebrate my birthday with me. More accurately, my birthday gave them an excuse to see the grandkids; and I'm fine with that because I'm sure I'll do it to my kids one day too :). I love my parents. They provided me many advantages in life. They provided me a healthy home life. So many are not afforded that these days. To grow up in an established home where both parents are present is a tremendous blessing. They provided me a wonderful education. I was fortunate to grow up in a city that had a solid school system. And when I wanted to go off to college, my parents were supportive and provided the financial means to make that happen. If I would have had to pay my way through college, it could have taken several more years and I'm grateful I was able to get through in four. I also had a dream to study abroad in England and they helped to make that happen as well. Its great to have parents who help their kids fulfill their dreams. They also provided me the opportunity to be exposed to the Gospel. In God's good graces, He saw it fit to place me in a Christian home. I thank my parents for their faithfulness to the Lord to raise their children in a Christian home and in the local church. Easter has caused me to reflect today; again and again, God has reminded me that I have wonderful parents. Thank you mom and dad.

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