Monday, May 31, 2010

8 Months

Emery turned 8 months old on May 28th. It has been far too long since I completed an update on this precious little girl! The smiles on her face in the pictures below is a normal look for her! She is almost always that happy!

We were running a little behind with her regular well-checks and didn't make it in till 2 wks ago - 7.5 months. She is doing beautifully! She weighed 17 pounds even and measured 25 inches "exact: - 70% in weight and 20% in heighth. She didn't even cry when she got her shot!

Emery was still eating once a night until the week of her check up. I know, but I was dreading having to break her of it. The pediatrician said to cut her off and then that night she slept through the night! Yeah! This is the first time in almost 2 years Blake and I have regularly slept through the night. Of course with 3 small children we are still woken up a few times a week, but this is the best it has been in a long time!

Back to Emery - She is sitting up beautifully! Still dislikes her belly, but it is growing in fondness. She can scoot around on it. She sleeps on it. She is going from sitting to her belly to work her way toward a desired toy. She lasts about 5 minuts before she cries. :) But is it progress. She is beginning to try to pull herself up!

Emery eats food at every meal. She is eating yogurt and all fruits. Veggies and Em do not mix! I try to sneak them in, but she is a smart one! :) She is eating granola bars. She is eating puffs. She LOVES icecream! :)

Emery is still struggling with staying in the nursery. You would think that at #3 she would be used to being handed off, but she is pretty attached to her mommy and daddy. My grandparents and uncles and aunt are about the only other people she will easily go to. Hmmmm.... My mom said she is just like I was. :) It seems appropriate that Will named Mom Mimi - I would only go to my parents and my Mimi(Joyce Odom). Emery's Mimi is her favorite person after her mommy and daddy. I think that Mimi's seem to save a mothers sanity! What a precious girl to lose my sanity to, though! :) I am so blessed, so proud to be this girls mother.

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