Monday, May 3, 2010

A Hot Night and Some Sitting Up

Tuesday night, Emery woke Blake and I up around 11pm. There was very little sleep for all 3 of us after that. A quick dr visit the next morning and the problem was diagnosed - Her first ear infection. We were sent home with an antibiotic. No sleep that day. Lots of crying. By Thursday morning I felt like my baby was beginning to feel better.

Apparantly not. We had a house full of people helping do odd jobs that evening, including mom and dad... Mom was carrying Emery around and kept telling me that Emery was so sleepy and feeling hot. I finally pulled out the thermometer and got 103. I became concerned because she was very lathargic and we were struggling to get her to wake up so I placed a call to the dr office. While waiting for the return call, my mom exclaimed that she felt even more warm then 15 minutes before so I took her temp - 104 degrees! I pulled Blake inside from WATCHING a friend fix a lawnmower and we quickly loaded up our van to head to Kosairs Childrens Hospital.

Emery began waking up when we arrived and proceeded to scream for the few minutes we had to wait to be seen by the check-in nurse. They needed to check her temp again to register her and after waiting several moments for it to register, the nurse raised her eyebrows when the thermometer beeped. 105 degrees! She quickly walked out the room and I proceeded to begin to cry! Within a minute she was back with sweet assurances that my baby would be fine, a suppository tylenol, and an aide to take us straight to a room through the nurses hallway.

After visiting both Norton Suburban and Baptist East ER's with babies we were blown away with the care Emery received! A nurse basically walked into the room behind us to check on us and re-assure us that while very high, there was probably a very simple explanation. We saw a dr within 10 minutes of being in the room - About 20 of walking into the building. I am not sure whether it was the fact that Emery was STILL screaming or I had been crying. :) They checked for a UTI (due to her sis' condition), but after 4 hours explained it as a terrible virus. Emery was monitered and checked on about every 30 minutes for 4 hours while they made sure her temperature went down to a managable range before sending us home. They sent us home her running a temp just under 102 and with numbing drops for her ears - Those have given Emery's ears and ours a blessed rest!

Emery slept 6 hours the next day and 5 hours on Saturday. Sunday she began smiling and today she has seemed pretty normal! What a fright she gave her mother's heart...
She is SITTING UP! She has been such a wonderfully laid back and easy going baby, which means that we are just now seeing some milestones reached. She began balancing a few weeks ago, but is just now reaching a point where she can sit up for several minuets at a time. She looks so grown up!

I love this picture because it helps remind me of how little my baby girl still is!

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