Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Black or White?

Well, after almost 2 months of living in our new home we have almost finished a room! A small room. Well, it is sort of a room - OUR FOYER! :)

Mom and I have been working on painting the foyer last 2 days. She taped off(I am SO not good at that) and rolled the walls. I painted the molding, doors, and cut in.

It became obvious that the foyer needs a mirror! Our family of 5 went in search for one at our local Home Goods tonight. It isn't the perfect color, but I love the size, shape, and style... and price. I'll fix the color.

What do you think? Black or White?

Got to love this store!!!


Aislynn said...

I think the black would make it have nice classic look with the wicker color you chose. Now, if you put a black picture frame there and see if you like it. If not go with the white. =)

Megan said...

I agree with seems like it would provide a nice contrast against the wicker. Lovely foyer! :-)

The Kratzers said...

I vote black!

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