Friday, July 23, 2010

Emery is 9 months old

Well 9.5 months old actually. :)

At her dr visit Emery weighed 19 pounds and measure 27 inches in length. That keeps her charting right at 20% in highth and 70% in weight - Just like her last check up.
Emery eats basically all food(except what i am not supposed to give her for age). Baby food is basically out :)... Makes me happy and her even happier! It was never Emery's favorite! Em also loves her straw sippy cup!

The above photo is an example of Emery's favorite new face! :) We are loving it! She smiles all of the time... Especially now that she is crawling! She began crawling a little a few weeks ago, but just a few days ago she really took off! My baby girl is pulling up too! If you look closely, her forehead serves as evidence of all of the movement!

Emery Ann is such a joy! She is so happy and smiley! She is easy going - except when it comes to the church nursery. She is making slow progress, but still not loving it and I am still getting that quality time in the church foyer! :) Emery is beginning to imitate sounds - groans, roarsOh joy!, mamama, dada... And she has learned to squeal! :) Blake and I are so blessed to be able to call Emery our own!

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