Friday, October 22, 2010

Candy... lots of candy.

We visited the zoo for trick or treat tonight. No, the kids aren't dressed up. Yes, they will be dressed up next year. They didn't care this year. I'll take one more year of not having to buy costumes! :) - It will take Riley and Will a day to come off of their sugar highs.

We went with the Kratzer family. Jessica has been my best friend since high school. Daustin has been her love almost as long. I still have a year on him! Sadie is their precious 9 month old - We are convinced that Sadie and Emery have no choice but to be best friends! I had to smile when I saw the Kratzer "family" picture and realized that Will was in it. That is how they are. They love our kids. Blake and I feel so blessed to have friends that love our children the way they do.

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