Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Turkey Day Shirt

I am a huge fan of applique's for kids! I am a HUGE fan of buying them! :) Craftiness has never been something I was any good at.

I decided I wanted to buy some shirts for the kids to wear for Thanksgiving. We are going to be in Illinois and I thought it would make for cute pictures... When I saw how much it was going to cost for me to buy 3 adorable shirts I decided it was time to get crafty! :)

My next project is a Christmas shirt and I already have the fabric purchased.


The Petty's said...

Well whoever made this shirt did a fabulous job. Lydia, I presume? You do a lot of crafty things...You just renovated Will's lamp for one..What color shirt is Will's? Pink?

Suzanne said...

Did you make those? Adorable! You have to teach me!

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