Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Resolutions

I'm still working on my personal new year's resolutions... But as I spent New Years Eve with my precious family of five I pondered the resolutions I wanted our family to make. So I am going to put them down for all to read to be sure I buck up and turn these words to actions!

1. Regular Family Devotions
Family devotions are HARD when you have 3 kids 3 yrs old and under(almost 3 kids 4 yrs old and under!)... Daddy gave us a few children's devotionals for Christmas and one has turned out to go along perfectly with this resolution: 365 Bible Stories for Young Hearts... Little one page stories placed chronologically. Easy to read with beautiful pictures. We had our second devotion tonight and for the second time the kids sat in total silence listening as we read about God creating Adam and Eve. I wish you could have seen their faces...And their voices as we sang "Jesus Loves Me" and prayed for "Grandma" and practiced Will's AWANA verse. Their voices have never sounded sweeter.

2. Read Pilgrim's Progress Once A Year
I remember sitting on the floor, sandwiched between my brothers, listening to my mom read us John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. For years she read it to us at least one time a year. Beginning to end. It was this book that the Lord used to draw my sinfilled 6 year old heart to himself. It is amazing how I read this book today and find myself totally relating to these words written so long ago. Because of my sentimental attachment, my parents gifted us a copy for children. I want my children to have memories of being piled up on the couch listening to those same words that tugged at my heart, tugging at theirs. I can't do the tugging, but I can share with them the story and pray that God will tug. One time a year is my resolution.

3. Less TV - More Play
I don't feel as if our children sit around and watch tv all day, but I have decided that I long for much more play! We need more dress up. We need more kings and queens in our house. We need more lego towers. We need more doll house decorating and rearranging. More playdough creations. More crayon art for our fridge.

4. More Spontaneity
I was always one of those people that said that I wouldn't have a scheduled home. "I won't rush home for naps or bedtimes," I said. Well, basically I think that anyone that says that has probably never been a parent :), and while we are not live or die schedule people, I find myself clinging to the comfort that routine brings. I find our days looking the same. I find our family doing the same things every Friday and Saturday. I know children need schedules. I know children need to be able to depend on their routine... But I also want them to grow up remembering random picnics at different spots around our beautiful city. I want them to remember getting to stay up extra late for family movie nights. I want them to have precious memories of unplanned day trips to museums or aquariums. Even perhaps a camping trip here and there(even though I am an NOT  a camping person!). I want their lives to be full. When they are grown up and have moved away I want them to miss these years...

I'm sure that I will be adding to this list throughout the next few weeks... Probably even months. Here are a few things to start on though. :) I love my family and am so excited about what the Lord has in store for us in 2011. I look forward to the growth... to the memories... to the change... to the things that will stay the same. As long as I am taking it on with this crew, bring it on!

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