Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chicken Spaghetti - Ring Style

We have simplified a Pioneer Woman's favorite... In our house, bell peppers, pimentos, cream of mushroom soup, and apparantly onions are not welcome. :) This is how we roll(did I just say that?!?!)...

Cook your chicken how ever you like.
We are white meat people in our house so I used chicken breasts.
4 Breasts were plenty.

Created a little broth like water to cook my noodles in for added flavor.

Chopped half an onion.

Used less then half of that half. :(
Onions are not my husband's fav texture, though I adore them!

You need 3 good cups of noodles.
Break them up to measure.

I shredded a block of sharp cheddar cheese in my food processor.
Pre-shredded cheese just doesn't melt as well...
And when you have an expensive food processor you look for reasons to use it! :)

No Cream of Mushroom soup in our house.
The hubby just would not be happy.

It is not necessary, but it is recommended that you sip on 44 ounces of Dr. Pepper while you fix this dish.

Freshly ground pepper, Lawry's seasoning, Red Pepper
I didn't measure. Just start very light with the red pepper.

Tastes just about right. :)

Shredded my chicken.

Threw it all in the bowl and mixed it up.
Add both the chicken and noodles a little at a time.
I don't always use all of both.
And save your flavored pasta water or chicken broth.
You will need some cream it up. A ladel or 2.

Top with more shredded cheese.
For our family, I was able to freeze one cassarole.
Bake at 350 for about 45 mins.
 This has become a family favorite and is fixed about once a month! :) Oh, and we will be retiring the onions next time. Hubby's request. So I guess I will be adding a little onion powder to the mix. :)

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