Tuesday, March 29, 2011

West Elm

My West Elm catalog came in the mail today... I've looked through it about 5 times already!
Here are a few of my favorites...

Mercury Glass Vases
  I can think of a million places that one of these would look beautiful!

David Stark Canvas Flag
 I can see a few of these flags in a cup on Will's dresser - His room has a nautical theme.

Mercury Mushrooms
 These mushrooms would look adorable on the bookshelf in my basement. My goal is for their to be a little whimsy since it is a children's play room. Another place I see one is in the girl's room. They have owls and birds and mushrooms.

Large Stacked Jewelry Box
 The modern jewelry box would be a nice contrast to my ornate, antique dresser. You can read about that refinishing job here.

Recycled -Glass Lantern
 I would love a few of these to set around on the deck and table for our back yard.

Mercury Votive Holder
 I would love 1 of these for my dresser. And perhaps 1 for my bathroom counter.

Lourdes Sánchez Whales Pillow Cover
 I began working on Will's room when we moved in and while it is almost finished I am thinking I need to revisit it. It is a little dark and traditional for my taste. This would make a cute accent pillow for his beds to replace the dark navy that are there right now.

Zig Zag Bath Mat
I have been searching a bath mat for months for our 1st floor powder room. We repainted the bathroom cabinet and walls a few months ago and it has kind of sat in a stand-still since then. Some wall art, towel hook, and a rug are on our ever growing "To Do" list.

1 comment:

The Murphys said...

Love the bath mats and the accent pillow. Would the flags even stay in the cup in Will's room though? They would be all over the house here lol.

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