Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's Been Busy Around Here...

We have had alot going on in the Ring household... Lots of dissertation writing, lots of yard clean up(I even push mowed the yard last week), lots of house projects. The kiddos have been changing alot too! This post is all about their wonderful adorable selves!
 Will is growing so quickly. I was talking to friend last night about when he came home and talking about it like it was just a year or so ago... It was almost 4 years ago! Where has the time gone? Will is still going to speech once a week and is improving so greatly every week! If you don't know him well, you would notice little, to no difference between him and his 4 year old buddies! Will is also playing t-ball! Our first game was rained out last night, but my little man is loving his new Yankees jersey! He counts to 20, knows his alphabet in order, can tell you the sounds of several letters(work in progress), knows his basic shapes and colors, and can write his name. Will is also showing a fascination with words! He asks for most signs to be spelled for him and can  recognize fire, women, men, and stop. His favorite pastimes include elevator button pushing, running, scooter riding, and t-ball hitting! He is sweet and sensitive and says things like "It makes Jesus sad when I don't obey"... I am loving the little boy Will is becoming! *I asked Will to smile for the above picture(on the right) - He wanted to make a "silly, mad face". This is the result*
Sad times for Will, Riley is about the same size as Will! Our eldest daughter turns 3 in July and is already tall enought for 4T clothes! She is loving being potty-trained and wearing her princess undies, and I am definitely not gonna complain! :) Riley loves all things girlie... Nail polish, purses, baby dolls, disney princess', and dress up clothes. I am loving this stage! Riley is a chatterbox! She talks non-stop... literally. She loves having friends. And she is sweet and kind and gentle and friendly and sensitive. I can not wait to see the lovely young lady she will grow into... Well, actually, I probably could wait. In fact, I might freeze her in this stage for a few more years if I was able to.
Emery... There is so much to say about this spunky girl. She is 19 months old, but seems to think that she is 19! She has decided she doesn't need to be carried. Anywhere. Period. She talks alot. She can identify all major body parts(eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tongue, knees, feet, hands, belly, hair). Emery is fiesty! When she is happy she is giddy and joyous and a total delight... And when she is mad she pouts and shouts and screams. :) I can't figure out why they call it the "Terrible 2's"... 18 months seems to be the beginning of that phase of life. Sweet Emery is saying words like Momma, Dadda, Mimi, Papa, Will, RiRi(Riley), here, no, cup, more, that way, mine... She smiles freely. Laughs infectiously. Pouts openly. :)

I am really loving this time in our lives. As crazy as life around us might be at this moment, these children are my joy! And life is certainly joyful right now!

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Aislynn said...

Emery sounds alot like my Logan. They are so precious! Joyfully living!

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