Saturday, May 7, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ballpark

"Do not ask that your kids live up to your expectations.  Let your kids be who they are, and your expectations will be in breathless pursuit. "
I grew up going to the ball fields several times as a week... My brothers played for years. I remember mosquito trucks driving through the parking lot and all of us running before they began spraying. I still love those hard balls of gum you could get for 25 cents and spit out 2 minutes later because all the flavor is gone. And then there were the all star games(yeah, John was pretty good). Some nights we would be there for multiple games because we had to see how the team we were playing later in the week was going to do. And we had to watch all of our friends...

Last night was a little sureal for me. It was Will's first t-ball game. I was thrilled because I have such precious memories from growing up... And terrified because I have a child old enough to play! Well. They sort of just stand around and take turns hitting the ball. But they wear uniforms. So I guess that makes it official.

These kids were so comical to watch. :) There was alot of wandering around. Alot of laying on the ground. Alot of not being able to see because everyone's caps were too large. A few tears when only 1 of the 10 kids that jumped on the ball came up victorious.

What precious memories we have in store...

"Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children. "

"When you teach your son, you teach your son's son." 

"You have a lifetime to work, but children are only young once."

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The Petty's said...

These are precious. Having raised boys, I totally understand and agree with your statements. Our oldest grandchild, a girl is in her first year of softball. And the cycle continues. Enjoy every game, every meeting. They shoot up so fast. I remember Will's daddy playing ball, just yesterday.

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