Tuesday, August 2, 2011

5 things vaca reminded me about my husband

Life is pretty crazy in our house now. Well, honestly it has been for several years, but the past 6 months have been very trying. We, as a family, have been working very hard to ensure that Blake graduates in December with his PhD. The past 6 months have been full of very little family time and even less husband and wife time. The trip came at what seemed liked an inoppertune time(near the end of his writing), but ended up being a much needed break for us. We just needed to spend time together! While spending one on one time with Blake 2 weeks ago I was reminded of some of the many reasons(in no particular order) that I love my husband.

1.  This man knows how to win a girls heart... My husband is a romantic at heart. Don't let him fool you into thinking he is all tough - I have letters, poems, dried flowers, gifts... and a million memories. We sure crammed in alot of hand holding, cuddling, and canoodling during those 3 days.

2. This man cracks me up... It can certainly be a humor that has to be acquired through thorough exposure, but he has me laughing constantly! :)

3. I love this man's smile. Enough said.

 4. This guy loves the Lord passionately. He is zealous. He is intense. He desires Christ. He is constantly challenging me. Pushing me. Spurring me on.

5. I love the way this guy loves his family. We had not been dating long before I we payed his family a visit and I came home blissfully happy with what I saw. Just as I had prayed, it was a window into the way he loves his children. Listening to him talk about his hopes, desires, and dreams for his son and daughters had my heart skipping a beat!

Sometimes, in the monotony of the daily I find myself taking Blake for granted... I came home grateful for these things and so many more. I bet he would have taken me on a trip years ago if he had known that was all it would take! My heart is so full for this man...

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