Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Much Deserved Thank You...

I think that I will always look back on this last year as one of the hardest. I say that at the age of 26 with children, 4,3,2(next wk). So perhaps, one day, I will look back at this past year as a breeze. :) Hence the italicized think. I realize that 10 years from now I may think that life was never easier then now.

I know that when I am pondering what the Lord has taught me this year, one the resounding themes will always be, "how to be a friend". I didn't learn it from being one, but from the way a group of women friended me. These friends will remain nameless in this post. You know who you are.

Thank you for the late night visits. I know you were weary from your day of mothering and cleaning and would have simply loved to lay down and dwell on nothing... yet you put your children to bed and loaded into the car after 8:00pm and came over to give me fellowship. The laughter was good for my soul.

Thank you for your playdates. I know that crowding 10ish kids in my home isn't the easiest way for you to spend your days. There were missed pool mornings and organizing binges, traded for 2 hours of "who took your toy?", and "you have to take turns with the rapunzel dress." I am sure that most often it would have been a much more peaceful day for you to have stayed home, yet you came... You often came for my sanity and for the sake of my children's lives.... :)

Thank you for the text messages. The constant, "I am praying for that date in 3 weeks"... the "have you heard" messages. The offers for meals and errands and babysitting. The gentle reminders that I was not alone.

You ladies have become a part of my family. You have become a permant part of my memories from this period of time... A wonderful part of my memories. God has used you spur me out of laziness and self-pity. I have so often been challenged by your responses to circumstances, far beyond the stress level of mine. Your sacrifices have far surpassed my own. Thank you.

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