Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Welcome "Home" Arden

Baby Arden via Live From Louisville

This precious girl is the reason there has been no blogging! I had just gotten it together on Wednesday and had a list of topics to start blogging and come Thursday morning, we found Arden Smith in our home for the day. Well, her momma's appendectomy(?) didn't go as planned and we were blessed with 3 more days of Arden! :) Needless to say, no blogging. We felt grateful for 4 days with this smiling face, since her family moves back to Arkansas as soon as her mommy, my precious friend can travel...

*Reminded me how much I love having a baby in the house*
*Reminded Blake how much I love having a baby in the house*
*That does not mean that it reminded Blake how much he loves having a baby in the house(though he loved carrying this girl around for a few days)* :)

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