Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Solution

Sweet Riley has been struggling with UTI's(urinary tract infections) since her first at 3 months old. There was testing by 5 months and daily antibiotics ever since. Riley still struggled with a UTI here or there even on antibiotics, but the urologist was content for her to wait a bit longer to see if she outgrew her reflux.

Since August 2011 Riley has had 4 or 5 UTI'S... Her new pediatric urologist that we saw in November was not so content. Our visit with him was much more thorough then any we had before and we left knowing much more about her condition. Riley often runs a high fever with her infectections and he edjucated us that means her kidneys could have been affected. While there is no major damage that has shown up on a ultrasound, he told us there is still likely scarring.

Tomorrow we take Riley in for a urine culture and if clear she will have an outpatient procedure done in 2 weeks to attempt to resolve the situation! This picture was taken this past week when Riley was battling yet another UTI... :( The pediatricians in her office all know her when we come in and are so kind and sympathetic. They treated her aggressively and we are praying she will remain well enough for her procedure so this sweet girl can finally stay well!

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