Monday, February 6, 2012

I've Got To Keep It Together

I got a fun surprise in the mail last week!
My planner!
I ordered the same planner last year and adored it. It is from the Erin Condren line on Tiny Prints. I'll admit. This planner is a splurge as far as planners go. The 20% off code and g free shipping helped me to redeem myself in my husbands eyes a bit. :) I felt a bit lost for the month of Janury while waiting for it to arrive.

Can you believe how they package a planner?

Now you understand why this planner is a little pricier then most.

I have rather large handwriting and fine those tiny little planners difficult to use. I can never read my handwriting and can never squeeze everything I need onto one day. I love the large spaces this planner provides.

We could be busy every night of the week if we aren't careful. This year, we are working hard to maximize family time. Then there are upcoming tball practices and games. And we want our children to grow up in a home where a focus on ministering to people in emphasized to them. The there are evenings to be spent with those precious, "like family" friendships the Lord has blessed our family with.

Time to get our schedule together!

A tip? Don't make concrete plans without first consulting your planner. I find I have to be careful not to plan our families time away!

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