Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stickers On A Table

I left Emery playing at the kitchen table a few days ago. Crayons and coloring books.  Somehow she had gotten her little, chubby hands on some stickers and decided to decorate. I was annoyed. I scolded. I complained. These were some STICKY stickers. They did not just peel off. Windex didn't moisten enough for them to easily scrape off.  I was getting frustrated and decided to do something I don't do very often - Walk away. :)

The next day the table was clean. I don't know if it was my visiting mom or a helping husband(I'd guess mom), but when I realized they were gone... I missed them. I am all for a straightened house. In fact, I LOVE a straight house. But I'm learning... Learning that a messy playroom is proof of life. Learning to be thankful because unmade children's beds means they were slept in. Couch pillows on the floor means there were little people wrestling. Stickers on the table means I had company in the kitchen while I cooked dinner.  

(Interruption: A runny-nosed 2 year old asking me to read Dr. Seuss' ABC. I stopped and read. Twice.)

I'm on a bit of a thankfulness journey. Thankful for the strewn toys and messy couch. Thankful that I have 4 beds to make. I forget so quickly. I know I do. I wish I didn't. So this, this is for those days that I forget and feel overwhelmed with the state of affairs in our home. I prayed for this life. I asked for these children. And the Lord granted my request. Why? I have no idea... But I'm working hard today to show that I am grateful for it, and that I know that this is far more then I could ever deserve. 

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