Monday, April 9, 2012

Belly Photos

Let me start by saying, I plan on blogging on our 3 wonderful kiddos this week. Alot! They are growing so quickly. 
The past 7 weeks have been all about survival mode. Pregnancy sickness has controlled our schedule and I have spent very little time doing anything other then laying on couch. 

I had planned to begin pregnancy shots the week we found out about the twins, but that, along with my entire to do list, didn't get touched until this past week. The sickness is easing and I am beginning to have to do my own laundry again. :)

I literally feel as if my belly grows daily. :) I commented to Blake the morning of our first ultrasound(the day they discovered twins), that I felt so much larger then with the girls and I didn't think we could hide it much longer. Only 2 weeks later I retired almost every single pant that had buttons(wk 9). I love that I can almost literally see them growing though...

We had our 3rd doctor's appointment last week. It started in her office. :) My doctor met with us for about 20-30 minutes and discussed the next 7 months... What to expect. What visits would look like. Delivery options.  It is going to be a long pregnancy! :) Physically it will be difficult - She wasn't surprised when I told her that I feel as if I am closer to 22-25 weeks symptom-wise. Back pains, no sleep, shortness of breath. She said that by 20 weeks(only 9 wks away) I will probably be making weekly visits to check for dilation. She told us to expect bedrest somewhere between 22-26 weeks - Could be sooner, could be later - but she told us she wanted us to be thinking realistically. I did not realize that her office only delivers at one particular hospital now(the 1 I delivered both girls at), which means that if the babies come before 33 weeks, I will have to deliver at a different hospital(that has a NICU) using a high-risk obgyn. The hospital I prefer is only equipped to care for children born from 33 wks and on. Obviously, beyond 33 weeks is the goal. She said she wouldn't let me go past 37 wks to the day. It was kind of a stressful meeting, but in a way we left relieved so just have a much better idea of what the pregnancy will look like, how to plan for summer... how to pray. 

Our 3rd ultrasound is next week. She said they hope to confirm a membrane and 2 placenta's without a shadow of a doubt at that point(though she is pretty sure already). Upon hearing how quickly bedrest could be looming, we immediately sat down with our calendar and were able to decide a date in a few weeks for Blake and I to get away for a few days. Blake's parents offered to watch the children so we could have a short vacation before the craziness. :)  The Lord has been so gracious. Both sets of parents have stepped in. Blake's parents set our weekend away date the day after my doctor visit and also set a date to come help a few weeks later. My mother has removed tasks such as heavy cleaning and lifting from my load already and she has made an appearance almost every single work day since the sickness set in. It's amazing how long 40 weeks seems initially, but when thinking long term?... Nothing. 37 weeks really. :) 37 weeks resulting in two babies? What a precious gift!


Aislynn Holt said...

I love reading how blessed you are with two wonderful sets of parents! Precious gifts!

Leah said...

TEARS!!! Love it. So excited for you guys. You look fantastic!!! Praying!

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