Thursday, May 17, 2012

4 Weddings...

12 weeks

Today was our gender ultrasound. It was a little bit on the early side(due to just needing to check on the babes), but our doctor and the technician were positive... There was nothing between  their little legs! :) 
Blake had to step back and lean against the wall when he realized that meant 4 weddings! 
Poor Will! 
His initial response was, "I think they want to be boys." :)
He really has handled the news extremely well and Riley is over the moon! 

17 weeks

Mom and Dad got to go with us today and it was so fun to have them with us! The girls look beautiful and are almost identical in size! At our last visit, she told me we would be at 2 wk visits after this one, but she decided to schedule things out at 4 weeks again! Dilation checks will begin at that point. What a blessing that the girls and pregnancy are going well, but I'll admit I enjoy the closer visits. :) Can't wait to see them again in 4 weeks!

I feel tired. :) My hematologist check-up was last week and everything is beginning to drop. Hoping the weekly b12 shots start boosting my energy. And expecting to start iv iron infusions in the next 2 months.

I'm tired alot. Did I mention that? :) Braxton Hicks are picking up. And my activity level has had to be reduced drastically in the past 2 weeks. My back and stomach can't take very much walking.

 We are spending the night with my in laws tonight and then Blake and I are headed off for 2 nights for a "babymoon"! We are conversing about kids schedules, babies health, and I am filled with excitement! Sorry there is little flow to this post! :)

But GIRLS! We are thrilled!
The name discussion is still going on.
I'm hoping that during our time this weekend we will be able to name them... 

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