Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Young Love

Now, this is definitely not encouraged... 
But when I happened upon these two best friends talking with their faces this close together, I had to snap a few photos before shooing them off of the towel. 

That sweet girl's daddy is one tough, gun slinging guy and will instill plenty of fear in the many young men that  will desire to win her precious heart... And I'm thinking those boys may have to fight through my gallant son as well. :) 

There is no kissing allowed.
There are gentle reminders that he is years away from being old enough to worry about getting married. 
I don't even have to worry about whether he wants a girlfriend because my sweet 5 year old doesn't even know what that is(not that him knowing means he will be getting one). :)

 I am loving this innocent friendship in which they truly believe they will always like one another. :) 
In there mind, there is no difference between a "boy" friend and a "girl" friend - It works out perfectly for their "knight and princess" playing. 
They have no idea how awkward this will all seem to either of them in a few years. 
There is no sense of the time that will pass before they truly fall in love...
Or the heartbreaks and heartaches they will most likely experience before that sweet love. 

That's why I love these pictures. That's why I love this friendship. 

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