Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A little clarification...

I was reading back over a few past blog posts about the pregnancy and realized I never clarified what was discovered in our third ultrasound(we have had a total of 5 so far):

1. They are identical.
2. They were able to spot a membrane separating them in their shared sac. Praise God!
3. They share a placenta... This is a bit of a game changer from the average twin pregnancy. She said it puts us kind of middle of the road on the high risk scale. Beginning at our next visit(in 3 weeks), they will begin to closely monitor the girls growth. My doctor said that because of the shared placenta she would be very pleased to get us to 35 weeks before delivery. Inevitably, 1 or both will eventually have weight gain issues due to the fact that a placenta is only meant for one baby. Very seldom she will have a patient with a similar pregnancy make it a week or two past 35 weeks - but the more likely scenario will be a 35 week delivery or earlier due to growth restrictions.

So far the baby girls are doing beautifully! They have been almost identical in size and my fluid levels have been good. Doctor visits are about to pick up in frequency and I have to admit it is a bit of a relief. It soothes my heart to be hearing our doctor tell me so often that the girls are doing well.

We have 1st names. :) Finally. And have already had to make 1 Labor and Delivery trip, but that is for another post...

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