Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our Love Story - Part 2

October/November 2002
Sometime around fall, our attraction to one another was becoming quite obvious to those around us. It's funny because now a 6 1/2 year age difference doesn't seem that scandalous, but almost 10 years ago... Well, we were certainly the talk of our friends. Some were supportive. Some were extremely against(for no explainable reason). There was still no official "dating" conversation. Not even any "dates". A few even paid visits to my dad "concerned" about the "situation" so by the end of November, Blake had set up a meeting with my dad. My dad wasn't comfortable with the age difference. That was that.

I will say that at the time, I was utterly devastated... But as a parent now, I would probably feel exactly the same way. Shhh... Don't tell daddy that. :)

February 2003
Stearing clear of one another was all together impossible. The texting and phone calling halted. We sat on separate sides of the sanctuary and walked past the coffee shop when we saw the other already there. I even went on a few dates. But then Valentines Day rolled around I found myself seated at a table in Red Lobster that Blake was the server for... Valentines day is my grandmother's birthday and Red Lobster is her favorite restaurant so it was a logical choice, but it was awkward. I am pretty sure I didn't participate in a second of conversation the entire meal. That was all it took. I wanted to be with this guy.

That encounter opened the door for less uncomfortable conversation at church and school and with in a few weeks it was too uncomfortable not to discuss. We liked each other. We wanted to see no one else. And we prayed for a few weeks...

Late April 2003
Blake went back to my dad. He was much more blunt this time around. I think he even went as far as to express that he saw our relationship heading to marriage. :) Dad didn't say no. He didn't say yes. He asked for time. He had hoped that the initial "no" would be enough to spur us on to other interests... But that just didn't happen. He realized that this was actually going to require prayer because this guy wasn't going away. And I didn't want him to.

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