Tuesday, July 31, 2012

27 Week Update

We are praising the Lord for how wonderfully this pregnancy is going. 

Our visit with the high-risk specialist(at 23 wks) went terrific. He was very pleased with the pregnancy and I am continuing to see my OBGYN only. 

At our visit a week ago I was showing no progressions which is just such a blessing. I have no direct bedrest orders other then to rest as much as I can.  I failed my 1 hour glucose, but passed my 3 hour! Contractions are picking up. Alot. Like basically a good episode or two a day. And it has gotten to where the meds alone don't control the contractions anymore. I have to take them and still rest/be still for a few hours normally before I can get up and not expect them to return immediately. Oh. And they hurt. :) They used to be just a tightening, but now they stop me.  Full bed rest is coming - I can feel it. :) 

Sleep isn't happening much. I get up about 4-5 x a night to go to the bathroom. And I roll over that many times to give my hips a rest. :) 

Today is week 4 of IV iron treatments. My hemoglobin had dropped to a 9.2 but since starting the treatments is slowly coming up. Hopefully my hematologist will be happy at my appointment this Friday. I bruise pretty badly and they are having to get creative where to put the IV's :). Between 2 IV's(3 sticks), a 1 hr glucose, and a 3 hr glucose(4 sticks) in 1 wk I looked a bit like an addict for a while. :) So thankful that there are treatments that can keep me healthy for the sake of these baby girls!

It's hard to believe that there are only 9 weeks left before we meet these sweet babies(if we make it to 36 weeks). 

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