Friday, August 24, 2012

31 Weeks

We had a doctor visit yesterday to check on the growth of Hadley and Ainsley. Our office had picked up on a growth discrepancy at our visit 2 weeks ago and wanted to closely monitor that. The measurements they got yesterday were very startling and my doctor immediately informed us that it was looking like even reaching 34 weeks was going to be difficult. We were sent directly to the high risk office at the hospital for a more thorough ultrasound and consult with the doctor there. 

It was an incredibly stressful hour that ended with the high risk office getting completely different measurements. Great measurements with only 4 ounces in between. According to this office, baby a measured about 3lbs 16oz and baby b measured about 3 lbs 12oz. 50th percentile. Twins grow at the same rate as a singleton up until about 31-32 weeks so by our next ultrasound they will probably be dropping in the percentiles. Even with a good report the high risk doctor warned us to expect to deliver sometime between 34-35 weeks. 

We were sent to labor and delivery from there for a non stress test. I had informed my doctor that I had been contracting a lot the past week and had been unable to  do anything or go anywheredour to them. She checked me and was pleased there has been no change, but said she basically believes that I'd be in trouble if the girls weren't transverse(sideways) and breech(upside down). While tracking contractions at hospital I charted 8-9 painful ones in that hour time... While on meds for them. And laying still on my side. They called Dr. Thomas and she made sure I went home on complete bed rest and was given instructions to call if I charted more then that in an hours time. 

I am beyond that "I've never been more uncomfortable" phase. I'm in pain all the time. There is ligament pain in my stomach from the fact I've never had so much baby in me before. I try to avoid standing/walking as much as possible. The complete bedrest is almost welcomed for that reason. 

We are so blessed with the amount of time I have been mobile. Almost 10 weeks beyond the earliest week they warned us bedrest might come. And my precious parents and husband are keeping things running smoothly. 

Everyone is anxious to meet these precious baby girls! 

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