Monday, August 20, 2012

Back Pain

Something about trying to pick up our 4 year old daughter landed him flat on his back in my mom's front yard. :)

Seriously? You couldn't give me the last few weeks of this pregnancy? :)

About 30 minutes after he fell, mom and I and a chair were able to combine our strengths with Blake's will-power and get him to a standing position from which he either looked pale enough to pass out or was chanting, " I'm gonna throw up. I'm gonna throw up."

Blake actually let me take him to the ER. 

After an x-ray, narcotics shot, steroid pack, and prescription pain pills later, this is where Blake spent the next week. The following Monday(happened Friday a week ago), we were given good news at Blake's sports medicine doctor that while he re-injured a previously herniated disk, there was no new damage. Much of the pain was muscular so he prescribed muscle relaxers. 

My parents spent the first weekend at our house taking care of us all and Blake's parents came down this past weekend. 

10 days after his fall, Blake was able to go back to work last night and teach in the pm service. We feel so blessed by the way our church ministered to us by completing handy man chores, mowing our yard, and bringing meals. 

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