Thursday, September 6, 2012

32 weeks

The last few weeks have been stressful and difficult. Everyone is getting worn out. The kids attitudes and obedience seem to be a continual battle, as you might expect when Mommy is down. 

Last week, Dr. Thomas discovered that I was 1 cent. dilated and starting to thin(I am technically 2 days away from 32 weeks at this point). She sent us directly to the hospital for a non-stress test and our first steroid shot. The trip ended up being a little longer then we expected, because I was contracting regularly. They decided to do a shot to stop the contractions. They didn't stop, but slowed and we got to go home. We returned the next day for the 2nd shot and another nst.

We had an ultrasound on Tuesday of this week - a biophysical profile. They studied their hearts and lungs and were pleased that they were using their lungs often. The ultrasound tech got quiet a few minutes in and Dr. Thomas intently studies the screen for a minute or two before explaining that both girls were experiencing elevated heart rates. Off to Labor and Delivery again. The girls traced beautifully and we were sent home shortly. 

Yesterday, I began having a small issue late in the evening(with Blake at church). I called in and was told(as expected) to make my way to Labor and Delivery... Again. Our 5th trip in only 2 weeks time. :) What I actually went in for ended up being no big deal, but my contractions were charting 2x as long as the week before and I was feeling alot more pain. The doctor on call came in to tell me they were going to keep us overnight to track them. Blake left shortly after to run home for a few things(We didn't leave for hospital from our home), and right before he returned the doctor came back in. I thought she had left, but she explained she had been watching the monitors and wanted to prepare us that we were at a point where there is nothing they can do to stop labor. She said she wouldn't be surprised if the contractions began timing closer together and at that point they would have to deliver the twins via c-section. She encouraged us that with my history, we had made it to a good point and with the steroids she was confident they would do well. She even had an iv put in and saline run all night in preparation. Praise God, the contractions never got any closer together and the pain lessened a bit. I am showing no progress in dialation, though they don't expect me to due to the girls positioning. I think they are just waiting for the contractions to get closer to 5 minutes apart for a good length of time. 

It's a waiting game now! I time contractions when feel them pick up in pain or when I feel they are closer then normal(normal is about 10 minutes apart). 33 weeks starts tomorrow and I would really like to make it 1 more week minimum, but we aren't sure that will happen. We feel very blessed that we are just now getting  to this point so far into the pregnancy. The doctor's had prepared us that these issues could have started months ago. The Lord has graciously protected these precious daughters. 
32 weeks

Just a few cute items that were awaiting me in the mail when I got home today! :) 

burp cloths

lace bloomers


My Family! said...

praying you make it longer! love the names! :)

My Family! said...
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