Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How are the big kids doing?: Will, Riley, and Emery are doing wonderfully. The Lord has really blessed us, and their adjustment period has been basically painless and uneventful. There have been sensitive days. We have had to work hard to give individual attention to them each... But, they love the twins. They still beg to hold them. And the bond that Will, Riley, and Emery had formed the past 2 months is precious to watch. They have learned to entertain one another well and it does my heart good to listen to them using their imagination together!

2. How is homeschooling going?: Truthfully? Wonderfully! Of course, I have been blessed with a mother that homeschooled for 21 years and she does much of the teaching at this point! It is definitely a feat that we could not have handled this year without her! Will loves to learn and is regularly begging to start school or work further ahead.He is reading, writing, counting to 100, adding, learning his countries and planets... That sweet boy is so smart! Riley is loving learning as well and is enjoying the one-on-one time she receives from me while she learns her letter and numbers. I am having to learn the art of teaching two children that learn entirely different ways. I have to admit, that Riley's tactile learning style is a little more fun then Will's love of workbooks. While Emery is only 3, I have been amazed by what she has caught on to! She has a wonderful memory and catches on to concepts so quickly.

3. Have you or Blake spent much time alone with the twins?: Not  much! I have been so blessed to have a mother that comes over while Blake is at work and stays the entire day! I have no idea what our family would do without Jaylynn Cook! Blake and I have been practicing on the weekends, though... He'll take the big kids to McDonalds to play and I'll stay home or I'll run out to Target or grocery shopping. Its intense :), but managable.

4. How do the babies sleep?: Ummm... Well. I guess they sleep. :) We can't seem to get the girls down for the night before 10pm - Most nights it is closer to 11pm. They normally do a good stretch at this point... 5-6 hours. Unfortunately they haven't been going back to sleep for several hours the past week or so, so that is about all the sleep we get. By the time we get them back down the big kiddos are up. They sleep for another 1.5 hrs and are back up for the day at that point. A 30-45 minute morning nap. A 2-3 hour afternoon nap. An evening nap? Not really. I have been shocked by how little these girls sleep! Oh... And right now they won't go down in their beds if we haven't put them to sleep and are able to get them to stay asleep as we lay them down.

5. Can you tell them apart?: The photo below isn't the cutest photo of the girls, but it does help you to understand why we still can't really tell them apart. Hadley is a little chubbier... And that is about it! :) We keep their toenails painted different colors and they wear anklets when we leave the house and they have to wear socks. 

6. Are they sleeping in the same bed?: They did for the first month or so. We have recently had to put them into their own cribs so that they don't wake one another. We try to lay them together for short naps and to watch their mobile...

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