Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Tutorial X's 2!

This post is a two-fold tutorial:
1. An easy copy/transfer method
2. A personalized canvas

This canvas is from a project wall in my dining room(reveal coming soon)
I printed off several "R" 's in different fonts and sizes. 
I settled on A Font with Serif's. One of the main reasons was because it was thick enough to trace and fill in. 

The wreath art I got here. 

Turn your art over and shade over the back of the image with the side of a pencil. Press pretty hard - the darker the better. 

Turn your art work over and position it where you want it. I chose to offset mine in the corner of the canvas for a little added interest. 

With your pencil, trace over the entire picture, pressing as hard as you can. 

I was left with a faint outline!

With a very fine brush and some acrylic craft paint, I free-handed over the outline. 

After the wreath dried, I repeated the steps to add the "R"!

Embrace the imperfections! 

 The free-hand look is what I love the most about it!

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