Monday, March 4, 2013

Emery the Sleepless

I've been struggling with this girl. She quit going to sleep at night so we have broken naps.
It's been hard! 
Lot's of crying and fussing and whining. 
It's been hard!

But I am loving the extra time I have been getting with her.
Normally, she would nap while the twins nap and they would all get up about the same time.
I have been trying to spend some quality time with sweet Emery during these quiet times. 
Stillness happens seldom in the house right now, so I feel like these moments have been a bit of a gift.

I know that out of the 3 eldest kids, Emery has had the biggest adjustment to life with the babes.
She got unseated after 3 full years of youngest child babying, but she is crossing the threshold from toddler to child. Not for one second has she acted like she wishes the twins weren't here. 
Emery is sweet. And sensitive. And silly. And spunkie. I love the little girl she is becoming. 
Oh, and she sleeps now. 

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