Saturday, January 12, 2013

Still Thankful...

I hate to not be blogging much right now. I feel like the kids are growing so quickly. And I want to remember every. single. moment. 
Mothering five kids is hectic. 
Wonderful. A dream come true. 
But busy. 
Will(5 yrs), Emery(3 yrs), Riley(4 yrs)

I can feel life beginning to become more managable... 
Big kids are back to normal.
Babies are letting us set them down some without screaming.
Parents are sleeping. 
Hadley, Ainsley
 I don't think it's harder then I thought it would be. 
I feel like I was realistically terrified of life with new born twins - 5 kids.
But - I can't believe I am already saying this - the girls are growing. 
When you're a baby, three months changes things. 
And far too quickly for this momma's heart!
These are the last babies our home will know and Blake and I are attempting to soak it all in as best we can!

Hadley, Ainsley
 2011 was a long last year of school for Blake.
2012 was exciting, but even more difficult for me then the year before(Blake argues for 2011). 
2013... It's going to be a good year. 
A year of slowing down and enjoying our children.
A year of firsts.
A year of family resolutions we work hard to fulfill.

Ainsley, Hadley
 Amazingly, blogging is on the list.
It's our memory book... our photo album. 
Our record of first steps and first loose teeth.
The overwhelmed feeling is fading and the excitement of what God has for our family is setting in.
The goodness of the Lord has clearly covered the Ring family and we feel the warmth of it's blanket still... Always. 
It's going to be a good year. 

Upcoming Blogs: 
Detailed family update
Will's birthday
A few recipes
Some home updates

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Kara said...

glad your still blogging, I have always enjoyed reading your blog and keeping up with all your beautiful children! Praying rest for you all tonight!

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