Monday, May 27, 2013

Blake and Lydia

Photo Courtesy of Caleb Drahosh
I know that you don't check the blog to hear about Blake and I, but like I said... In a way, this is my journal. 

This time in our life is by far, the busiest we have ever known. We get to the end of the day and seldom have energy to tackle our to do lists... But we know that this period of time will not last forever.

Blake is getting ready to teach a seminary class through a new Ministry Apprenticeship Program through SBTS. All of the students are members of Ninth and O so he is very excited to get to spend time with these guys this summer. Putting that PhD to good use! He is headed to Manhattan in June for his 4th mission trip to Gallery Church. We are actually finding a bit of time for Blake to partake in a hobby or two - He is running again and even played racquetball this past week! My favorite thing about this man? He has the ability to draw a smile from the twins simply by entering the room!

My days are... busy. :) With two babies to hold there is never a free second. When the babies are napping, I am cooking dinner, folding laundry, or sometimes I even squeeze in a shower! :) I have even ventured out with all 5 a few times recently... I am beginning to cook dinner beyond frozen pizza and spaghetti. We are enjoying entertaining again - Both Blake and I have missed having friends over. Household decorating tasks have been on hold for about a year :)... I am slowly marking things off of "To Do" list.

We are looking forward to summer... Looking forward to being able to do more with the kids now that the twins are a little older. We are truly savoring... even in the midst of the crazy. Savoring our children. Savoring our limited one on one time. Savoring this time in which the Lord is teaching us about reliance... on each other, on others... on Him! There are alot of things I won't miss that much about this time in our lives... But there is much I will. One is the ever constant reminder of my need for him. There is always a need, but I feel that at times the need is more before me... This is one of those times that my need for Him is ever before me.

What a joy it is to say that we are truly enjoying life and feeling so blessed...

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