Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Swimming Lessons

The kids started swimming lessons a few weeks ago... 
Will, Riley, and Emery have very little fear of the water so Blake and I were anxious for them to be able to swim. I walk in between the kids and any body of water  - and I am really not a fearful momma! 
They have the sweetest teacher. 
I am sure that when I requested private lessons for a 6, 4, and 3 year old it sounded like a full on group lesson, but she handles them wonderfully! 
And they are improving!

Will has very little fear! He jumps right in, though he has a ways to go before I feel as if I can blink when he is near the pool! :) My heart was not made to handle a 6 year old boy!

Riley has benefited the most from the lessons! She listens carefully and follows through with her teacher's instructions... She is greatly improving every week! With her long and lanky build I could see a swim team in her future...

Emery swam a ways on her own this past week! A great accomplishment! She is willing to work hard and wants to do everything her big brother and big sister are doing! I am so proud of her willing spirit and can't wait to see how well she is doing by the end of the summer! 

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