Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Will has finished kindergarten. He loves school. I'm not kidding. He loves it. And he has done wonderfully! He adds. Subtracts. Writes. Reads. Knows all the planets. Knows who the first and current president is. I am shocked by the amount of information his beautiful head has held onto this year. 

He finished his third year of AWANA. Will not only completed his book, but was able to complete the review portion as well! I wish I could memorize half as easily as he does. 

We have seen such growth in our boy recently. Will is taking swimming lessons. His humor is beginning to become truly clever - and funny! He is interested in his Guatemalan heritage and has informed us he wants to learn spanish. 

Bugs. And dirt. And sticks. He loves them all - Just as you would expect. He will attend soccer camp in a few weeks, and I think he is going to love it! 

Will's heart is tender. I pray daily it remains that way and that the Lord draws him to Himself soon... What a precious, precious 6 year old we have. 

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