Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Sweet Riley is almost 5! I can't believe she will be in kindergarten this fall...

Riley is constantly demonstrating such compassion - When one of the twins cries, she is swiftly clapping or dancing or singing or hugging... Anything to calm them. They adore her and light up when she walks into the room. It is so precious. 

When Riley is unkind, she actually tattles on herself! It hurts her heart. 

And curious! She is so curious! Question after question after question! About bugs and hair and cooking and  God. Her heart is very sensitive to spiritual things... She prays such precious prayers.

What an artistic girl she is. She paints, colors, glues, draws... Constantly. We have Riley originals hanging on our fridge, doors, windows. And man can she bust a move... Her dad claims it is inherited from him. :) If the dancing is from him, then I claim her love of singing original songs! She often writes and choreographs for us.... The twins are her biggest fans!

Another way she resembles her father, is her love of having her head rubbed! It has become a nightly routine for she and her dad. 

Riley is our calm. She is silly and lighthearted. And calm. And so very not me! :)

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